SundaeSwap launches on Cardano but users report failing transactions

SundaeSwap, Cardano’s first DApp (Decentralized App), has been launched. However, it is frustrating users with platform errors and congestion.

Are these just the expected teething problems caused by an influx of users?

SundaeSwap (decentralized exchange) and token staking site. Today’s launch of the mainnet marks a significant milestone in the Cardano ecosystem. It is the first DApp to use smart contracts.

Cardano’s success in SundaeSwap was a high-stakes game. The ADA price jumped 50% over the week leading to its launch.

The trading on the DEX began at 9:45 UTC on January 20. Users on the Discord server of the project were able to complain about network congestion and failed transactions in less than two minutes.

Swapping is now live! Head on over to and swap tokens, deposit liquidity, and enjoy! $SUNDAE Token Policy ID: 9a9693a9a37912a5097918f97918d15240c92ab729a0b7c4aa144d77#Cardano #SundaeSwap
SundaeSwap Labs, @SundaeSwap January 20, 2022

SundaeSwap CEO Mateen Motavaf posted at 10:07 UTC a message in bold font with all caps, trying to address the number of complaints about the server


SundaeSwap hosted an AMA on Twitter Spaces at 1am UTC to address any problems traders were experiencing with the platform. One user inquired about the impact of a Cardano upgrade on swaps due to the huge backlog of orders. Chief Technical Officer Matt Ho answered:

“Once the change takes place on the 25th, expect more than a 2X increase in throughput from the memory bump alone as additional protocol parameters are made available.”

Another user noticed that an order had been placed on the DEX before the website launched. Tech-savvy traders can use the website interface to execute trades directly on any DEX’s underlying smart contracts.

Ho replied that there were many things to do and that we didn’t think that someone could have created a transaction before time.

Users were complaining about failed transactions and orders that had been pending for more than four hours by 2:40 UTC. CIO Pi Lanningham replied on Discord, “Orders will still be processed (currently around 2000 orders per hour; currently 11k order on chain; 1600 within slippage tolerance.

Cointelegraph has yet to hear back from the SundaeSwap staff.

Based on the performance of testnet around one month ago, the core team of project expected a large backlog. The team posted this blog post Jan. 8, 2008:

“We want you to know that although orders can take several days to process, everyone’s orders will still be processed in the same order they were received.”

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The SundaeSwap platform performance from a previous testing phase was used by the team. They acknowledged that there were potential issues at the beginning, but they said “we are very confident that the protocol will be able to meet the normal daily load once things settle down.”

Following the Alonzo hardfork in September, smart contracts were added to the Cardano blockchain. Over 2,000 smart contracts were deployed to the blockchain within a week. The timelock was not activated.

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