No outages, no data leaks: The new WhatsApp killer built on the blockchain creates privacy-focused encrypted messenger

Oxen, a privacy-focused platform, is built on top a proof of-stake (PoS), network. Session is a secure, anonymous messaging platform that it has created.

Cointelegraph spoke to Kee Jefferys, chief technical officer of the company, about its platform and technology. He also discussed how important data protection and privacy are for end-users.

1. Hallo! Please tell us about Oxen or Session.

OXEN is a private and stakeable cryptocurrency. The Oxen token (OXEN), which is a private, stakeable cryptocurrency, has brought much innovation to the CryptoNote (CN) space. This includes instant transactions and large-scale PoS systems. The service node network is what really makes the difference. It powers a variety of privacy applications that are decentralized — all incentivized with OXEN.

Session has been our shining star so far.

Session, an encrypted messenger, takes a strong stance in protecting user privacy. Session does not require any personal information, such as email addresses or phone numbers. People can benefit from the best parts of blockchain without having to own any cryptocurrency or run a node. Session has more than 200,000 users and is rapidly gaining mainstream acceptance. It’s free to download on iOS, Android and Mac as well as Windows, Windows, Linux, and Windows.

2. What is wrong with messaging giants such as Messenger and WhatsApp?

Facebook owns WhatsApp and Messenger. This company is well-known for selling user data to advertisers at a profit, and for not putting much effort into protecting privacy and security of users.

Here’s what we know so far about Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

Both are owned by Facebook. They have “end to end encryption”. Their servers are centralized. They don’t provide metadata protection

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are two of the most used messaging apps in the world. This technically means that encrypted messaging apps are the most preferred form of communication. WhatsApp’s end to end encryption implementation is uncertain because of their closed source code, which makes it difficult to verify its quality.

Additionally, WhatsApp’s central servers are a point of failure. Apps such as Session built on a distributed network are more resilient to attacks and can have less downtime.

3. What is Session’s strategy to stay ahead of the competition in this space?

Session’s initial focus was to reach journalists, activists, and NGOs to help test the app and give feedback.

The encrypted platform is now used by over 200,000 people in more than 200 countries. Session is used by activists, journalists, and human rights defenders to allow them to communicate securely and effectively while continuing their crucial work. It allows users to communicate with friends and family, without worrying about whether the conversation is secure.

4. Why is anonymity so important in messaging?

Privacy is anonymity, and privacy according to the United Nations is a human rights everyone should have — see Article 12 in the UN Declaration on Human Rights.

People are being persecuted all over the globe for their views, beliefs, and conversations. Even if you don’t have a job, anyone who posts on social media can become a whistleblower or activist, as well as a revolutionary. This opens up a lot more people to being targeted, and anonymity becomes a big issue for everyone on the internet.

5. What percentage of people use Session today?

According to recent estimates, Session has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. We are unable to determine the exact number of Session users due to its decentralized nature. WhatsApp and Telegram apps have more detailed information about user activity and numbers.

6. 6. What premium features will Session offer?

We believe the core functionality of the app, a private messaging service that is essential to users, should be kept free. Secure messaging is a very difficult problem to solve. The monetization features that we add should enhance the app’s user experience, not make it more expensive.

Nevertheless, Session could offer some paid features in the future.

Names for Permanent Oxen Name Service

All core components of Session that are decentralized are free. Session will include premium features that may require OPTF resources to provide additional strain on the Oxen network.

Session’s monetization strategy has premium features that can buy back or burn OXEN on the open market. This adds additional pressure to the OXEN cryptocurrency.

7. Is it possible for Session to be migrated from other platforms?

It is possible to easily move community groups from other apps from Telegram to Session. There is no way to port users from Telegram directly to Session.

Open groups allow for real-time group chats between unlimited users. Closed group features let users chat with up 100 people and have the same metadata protections that Session’s one on one conversations.

8. 8. What are the plans of Session for the next 12 months?

We have two main goals for the next twelve months: to increase the number and improve the monetization model. We plan to include user-generated stickers, increase file sizes, remote device wiping and local message editing, as well as add user-generated sticker packages.

The biggest upgrade on the horizon is Lokinet integration, which will bring lower latency communication and better, non-Apple/Google-like push notifications as well as onion-routed voice and video calls.

Find out more about OXEN or Session

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