Nifty News: Walmart steps into the Metaverse, @NFT founder hacked and more

Walmart, the American retailer giant, has launched Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play in Roblox.

Walmart Land, the company announced Monday, focuses on “immersive experience” and features key features such as a physics-defying Ferris Wheel, unlockable tokens, badges, an interactive Piano walkway, and a D.J. For users.

Walmart Land, the new #ROBLOX world with fun and games for everyone. Let’s have fun, whatever your passion is. You can come for the inspiration, but stay for the live performances and verch. Let’s go!
— Walmart (@Walmart) September 26, 2022

Lottie London, Bubble and UOMA by Sharon C brands will be featured in the virtual world. There will also be a virtual store of merchandise or “verch” for avatars.

Walmart Land will host an October motion-capture concert called “Electric Fest”, featuring performances by Kane Brown, Madison Beer, YUNGBLUD and Madison Beer.

Walmart’s Universe of Play, which offers products and characters from Jurassic World and Paw Patrol, Magic Mixies, Razor Scooters, and the opportunity to explore toy universes and earn coins redeemable to purchase virtual goods, is also available.

After filing a Dec. 30 patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the retail corporation indicated its intention to enter the Metaverse. The patent covered its “digital currency” and the “digital token” while another application covered a trademark that the Walmart brand was in virtual reality and augment reality.

Hacking of @NFT account by the founder

Jason Falovitch, co-founder of Leverage Game Media, was the victim of a hack on Saturday. His account on OpenSea’s NFT marketplace OpenSea was hacked and he lost over $1 million of Ether (ETH), and NFTs including two Doodles and a Mutant.

Falovitch is also the creator of the now-banned @NFT Instagram account and Twitter handle. Both have been suspended following repeated violations of platform community guidelines. This follows allegations that Falovitch promoted NFT projects with no proper disclosures.

Falovitch, also known as @jfx, posted a Sunday post to his 170,000 Twitter followers. He stated that he had been hacked the night prior and urged the public to not buy anything from his wallets.

I got hacked last night on @opensea. Apes, doodles, eth. It’s not beautiful. It’s not pretty. Thanks
— jf (@jfx) September 25, 2022

Falovitch is well-known in the community for being the founder of @NFT on Twitter and Instagram. Falovitch is also co-founder of Leverage Game Media with American billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban. This company, which owns NFT assets, claims it will promote NFT projects via major sports social media channels.

Some grudge-holding members of the community have not forgotten about his past involvement in NFT-promoting social networking accounts. Others call the hack “karma.”

Karma for all the people who you refer to the scams on your Instagram account. This one will not be tracked.
— ZachXBT (@zachxbt) September 25, 2022

Pixelmon rises from theashes

Pixelmon, a web3 venture capitalist studio, has relaunched its NFT collection after a disappointing response in February.

According to the company statement LiquidX purchased a 60% stake in Pixelmon. Giulio Lioyannis, co-founder of LiquidX, will be the CEO.

It’s been 213 days since the creator of Pixelmon (Syberer) tweeted he will not go anywhere
— OKHotshot (@NFTherder) September 26, 2022

Many early collectors of the Pixelmon NFT Collection were disappointed to learn that the final art was revealed in February by the project. This ended up being far below expectations.

The updated Pixelmon roadmap, however, has the new leadership. It transforms the sub-par monsters of the original NFT collection into 3D characters, which can be used in the forthcoming Pixelmon Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game.

Pixelmon had originally planned to release a playable alpha version of its MMORPG in 2022. However, alpha testing will now begin in Q1 2023 and the game will be released in late 2023.

The LiquidX roadmap also contains the possibility of virtual land NFTs being launched in the future, as well as separate utility tokens and governance tokens that will fuel Pixelmon’s economy.

C Milan teams up with MonkeyLeague, Solana-based

AC Milan, a professional football team, has signed a new agreement with MonkeyLeague. MonkeyLeague is a Web3 game that uses the Solana blockchain. This makes it yet another sporting brand that can leverage the technology to increase fan engagement.

This partnership will result in the creation of NFT exclusive AC Milan brand game assets including new players, skins and stadiums.

Casper Stylsvig said that AC Milan’s Chief Revenue Officer is “thrilled” about the collaboration, calling it one “that allows me to strengthen my position in the field digital innovation.”

The MonkeyLeague website states that the game is an Esports game on web3 and will allow players to create and manage their dream teams of MonkeyPlayer NFTs. They can compete against other players to climb the league ranks.

AC Milan was established in 1899. They are currently the reigning champions in Serie A, Italy’s premier football league.

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