Nifty News: FTX and Wildcats’ basketball NFTs, WeMeta’s $1.1M funding, Zed Run’s Netflix tie-in

The latest sports sponsorship by FTX

The University of Kentucky and FTX.US have entered into a sponsorship deal for the men’s Wildcats basketball teams to serve as brand ambassadors.

A monthly USD stipend will be paid to players by FTX.US in FTX debit card. Players will also have the ability to create NFTs using the FTX NFT platform, and retain a portion.

University of Kentucky Men’s basketball team. (

The NFT deal was made possible by the National Collegiate Athletics Association’s (NCAA), which recently allowed athletes to monetize their names and likenesses.

This is the latest partnership between FTX, American sports brands such as the NBA’s Miami Heat or MLB.

Ctivists fight the power of NFTs

Drue Kataoka, a New York activist and artist, has set up an NFT auction to sell her audio-visual NFT art. All proceeds will be donated to and The King Center.

The multimedia NFT “Will your Heart Pass the Test”, a partnership with Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB is a multimedia multimedia NFT. It features symbolism from the Egyptian Book of the Dead, and draws inspiration from a myth where a person’s soul is weighed against an feather to determine if they are ready to go on to the next stage of their lives. The entire NFT took 23 days to complete, with each frame taking 20 minutes to render.

5 Influential Women Team Up To Bring Soul To #NFTs & Fight Racism So excited 2 announce my collab w/ #LucasFilm’s @ILMxLAB 100% Proceeds Benefit @TheKingCenter & @[email protected] @BerniceKing @cynthiachoi1 @rebekah_bowling @MeiMeiFox
— Drue Kataoka, @DrueKataoka, November 3, 2021

Officially, the NFT was created to address the “missed chances to confront an exhausted and suffering world plagued with the social ills racism and sexism” via the internet and within NFT. Kataoka is an artist-technologist-activist who serves some of the world’s top art collectors across 30 different countries.

Phillips Auctions, a traditional auction house, will manage the auction beginning on December 8th and ending December 15th.

WeMeta completes its first round of funding worth $1.1M

NFT land marketplace WeMeta announced it had raised $1.1million in its first round of funding with the support of seven strategic partners as well as six angel investors.

All in for Metaverse! We’re stoked to announce the closing of our 1st funding round:
WeMeta (@WeMetaTweets), November 3, 2021

WeMeta will make use of the investment to expand its multi-chain NFT land market that offers transparent pricing for Metaverse land in The Sandbox, Decentraland and Cryptovoxels.

Participating in this round were DeFi Alliance and Delphi Digital, Digital Currency Group and Galaxy Interactive. Angel support was provided by Andy Chorlian (Fractional), Darren Lau, John Fiorelli, Kenetic, Navi Singh (Antler), and Navi Singh.

Tom Shaughnessy, Delphi Digital, commented:

“WeMeta is poised to be the dominant digital real-estate aggregator and analytic platform for the Metaverse.”

NFT horse racing game Zed run’s tie-in with Netflix film

Zed Run, a digital horse racing and breeding platform, has announced a partnership to the Netflix movie The Harder They Fall. This film was produced in collaboration with Virtually Human Studio.

Zed Run allows users to sell, buy, breed, and race NFTs digitally online. You can also place bets on the outcome of races via Zed Run’s website or Twitch.

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The Harder They Falls is a western that focuses on rival outlaw gangs. It features horse-riding and gun-slinging outlaws. Scenes from the Redwood City Classic race are featured in the film. The film is about revenge and includes some twists and turns. It stars Damon Wayans Jr., Regina King, and Idris Elba.

The partnership will bring the “Redwood City Classic” to Zed Run. The new Zed Run event will feature Zed Run’s 12 top NFT racehorses racing against each other in a single, themed race that takes place on November 14th.

Additional NFT News

The popular NFT Metaverse The Sandbox announced that it has completed a Series B funding round of $93 million led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2. These funds will be used for scaling up the ecosystem by adding new games or experiences.

Crypto trading platform has launched its UFC NFT series. UFC has authorized these NFT for the first time. This series will include collectible moments from fight night, event posters, championship belts and fighter avatars.

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