Bloktopia co-founder aspires to build a metaverse with ‘hundreds of the best crypto projects’

Bloktopia, a virtual skyscraper located in the Metaverse with 21 levels, is designed to honor the 21 million Bitcoin maximum supply (BTC). Bloktopians will be the names given to owners of the BLOK tokens. Bloktopia will allow users to purchase and sell nonfungible tokens, digital advertising venues, real estate, and much more. Bloktopians will also be able to make a profit by leasing or selling virtual property within the skyscraper.

Bloktopia video footage in-game. Source: Bloktopia

The Polygon network is an Ethereum layer-two and infrastructure development network. The project will launch sometime in 2022. Elrond, which is a blockchain-sharding protocol, will be the anchor tenant of Bloktopia. Its virtual headquarters will be featured on level 1, where all players spawn. Bloktopia’s chief marketing officer and co-founder Paddy Carroll spoke to Discord users about the key features of the virtual ecosystem.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro – First, how can regular people access the Metaverse. Do you need special glasses? How can you move around and interact with others?

Paddy Carroll: We want to make Bloktopia as easy as possible. We are currently finalizing our roadmap. It will be shared very soon. In the future, we will release a version with VR glasses as well as a downloadable version.

CT Markets Pro: At what stage is Bloktopia at the moment? What are the next steps in this process?

PC: We are currently building Levels 1 through 6 as well as the auditorium. In the near future, we will hold some events. Bloktopia will be available in beta form by March 2022.

CT Markets Pro: What’s Polygon? Is the project able to effectively control Bloktopia

PC: Have you heard of Polygon before? Polygon, a scaling solution, is an idea that provides multiple tools to speed up and simplify transactions on blockchain networks. It is what we are building Bloktopia. It doesn’t have control over Bloktopia, but [it] facilitates transactions.

CT Markets Pro user: I also entered in the lucky winners for ReBlok’s Google form. No communication. 2) I will keep my BLOKs in order to purchase ReBlok at Level 1. I selected a few maps from their last month’s release, but now the JOBE thing has overtaken. I’m not sure when the actual land sale will take place. 3) Last month, I was told that there would be a Bloktopia wallet. However, no wallet has been released. If possible, I would appreciate a communication about the above. Thanks.

PC: We put out a statement on tokenomics. I believe you have already acknowledged that it clarified your first point. The other questions are related to the fact that Bloktopia NFT Land Sale Portal remains in development and is not yet available for public release. However, I’m optimistic that this will be available very soon. I promise more.

CT Markets Pro User – Will there be any other Bloktopia skyscrapers in the future? Are they time- or geographic-based? What is the importance of VR for the experience? Who should be the primary target audience? It seems absurd to think that there is a central place in the Metaverse. What was the first time you realized that you were on to something?

PC: At the moment, we have no plans to build any other skyscrapers. VR is an option, but it’s not a requirement. Anyone with an interest in crypto is our main audience. Although we love crypto’s decentralized nature and would not want it to change, it can be difficult and time-consuming. Bloktopia brings everything together to make it simple. This doesn’t change the decentralized nature crypto. We realized this was a major problem in crypto and began having conversations with people who agreed.

CT Markets Pro User: Could you tell us more about the BlokPad There are many gaming launchpads, and there is already a Metaverse pad. What’s so special about yours?

PC: This is our launchpad. We just announced it this week. There is plenty of information about BlokPad available on Medium. We’re in a position to hold hundreds of the most important crypto projects. One of the most successful IDOs (initial decentralized exchanging offerings) has been established. We have a proven formula that has helped many projects. We are able to be selective and select the best projects on the market. We also have BLOK’s utility, which is fantastic.

CT Markets Pro: Does the Metaverse have an NFT market? Bloktopia has this market, but can other projects also create one?

PC: Yes. It will be available in the next few weeks. More details will follow.

CT Markets Pro: What makes some NFT collections worth $10 million more than others?

PC: Some argue that NFTs sales represent a bubble waiting to burst. While I don’t necessarily agree with that argument, I see more value in NFTs that include utilities.

CT Markets Pro: What is the actual use case for the Metaverse at the moment? How is it different from working with a Zoom window next to your screen?

PC: Zoom doesn’t allow you to have multiple immersive experiences at once. One person can interact with you. Metaverse is socially more engaging. Interact with brands and people. You can watch live or recorded content including sporting events or concerts. Order food and clothes. Customize your avatar. You can have private rooms that you can use to meet friends. You can also meet new people, share your experiences and learn from them. You can also enter games to win BLOK and Lamborghini prizes. You can do everything you can in the real world, and more, from the comfort of your home.

CT Markets Pro: Understandable. The Metaverse does not intend to use open-source technology. How does Bloktopia plan to integrate third-party NFT-based multiplayer online gaming, such as Bloktopia?

PC: We are exploring the possibility of integrating additional games. There are many questions about whether we would like to do this and, if so what games. We know it’s possible. This is the beauty of virtual reality.

CT Markets Pro: Does Bloktopia have a separate company or project to assist businesses in getting up and running? For example, a Metaverse developer?

PC: BlokPad will be used to launch new cryptocurrency projects. A team of estate managers is available to assist tenants in the design and implementation of their spaces. This is part of Bloktopia.

CT Markets Pro: How can regular people and businesses generate income with Bloktopia What is the minimum amount required to get started?

Bloktopia will use PC: BLOK as a currency to allow people to buy items in our world. BLOK will be initially used to buy NFTs. These can then be sold for real estate or advertising space in Bloktopia. Both of these generate income from both advertisers and rental fees. The more Bloktopia users per day, the more revenue is generated from big data and impressions. Brands pay to rent space and advertise on Bloktopia’s totems. All NFTs within Bloktopia generate revenue, regardless of whether they are AdBlok or ReBlok. This is in addition to typical asset appreciation.

CT Markets Pro – Is there an exclusive to the BLOK token when products and services are sold within Bloktopia

Bloktopia will have PC: BLOK. We have the ability to unlock certain parts of our Metaverse by having exclusivity.

CT Markets Pro: What programming skills and designing skills are required to create applications and spaces?

PC: Bloktopia is currently being built in Unity Engine. If someone wanted to be involved in the creation, they would need to have a good understanding of Unity design.

CT Markets Pro – There is a token lock available for presale buyers of real estate. So how will newcomers build their virtual lands?

PC: I have two questions. If you purchased tokens in the IDO or privately, there is a token locking mechanism. We will always release enough tokens for people to purchase NFTs (REBLOK, ADBLOK). To get involved, newcomers will need to purchase BLOK.

CT Markets Pro: When is the DAO governance going to be in place? What protection mechanisms are in place for large holders, such as ETFs and exchanges?

PC: The DAO will not include tenants. NFT holders will make up the DAO. If you have a REBLOK at the Binance shop, you will be part of the DAO. Each REBLOK gives you 1 vote. There are 50 stores.

CT Markets Pro: What’s the relationship between Bloktopia and Animoca Brands? What can we expect?

PC: They are our main investor. We are grateful for their help.

CT Markets Pro User – Will there be a token melt in the future?

PC: We are currently working on something in this area. Our token price soared so much from our IDO, that we are now humbled and grateful. This has changed the way we look at things and allowed us to replan. There are a few options, including the possibility of burning tokens.

CT Markets Pro: Where will the project go after all 21 floors have been filled? Will there be another skyscraper built near it, and the floors put up for auction?

PC: At the moment, I am very consumed by thinking about creating, filling and operating 21 levels. Let’s make the skyscraper operational. Then we will be able to see. A Metaverse’s beauty is that we don’t have to be restricted.

CT Markets Pro: Could your company provide more information on the integration of Bloktopia with the Elrond Blockchain?

PC: We are thrilled that Elrond has become an anchor tenant at Level 1 of Bloktopia. While we have already announced a partnership, we are still exploring possibilities with them. However, I cannot confirm anything at this time. We are pleased to have them join us, but we see many opportunities for collaboration.

CT Markets Pro User: Could your help me to find out when Bloktopia Wallet will be available? Thanks.

PC: It’s ready! It’s literally being tested. It doesn’t need to be live before the NFT Portal is ready. We will test them both and then share the new products with our community.

CT Markets Pro User: A final suggestion paddy – Bloktopia Community Management needs to be improved. It is very rude to ban people without any reason. Even though I praised the project, I was banned. It is clearly frustrating for the holders. Please improve communication with the community that isn’t rude. Thanks.

PC: I keep an eye on the Telegram group as often as possible, but it is difficult to do so 24/7. We know that some moderators felt overwhelmed by how quickly our growth has overtaken the group. As such, we have taken steps in strengthening our team. We are sorry if you haven’t had a great experience. Perhaps we should have a Discord channel.

CT Markets Pro User: Hi Paddy! Could you please provide more information about the partnership between MetaHero and CT Markets Pro User: Hey Paddy!

PC: Metahero, a tenant has a prime spot on Bloktopia. We are currently listening to their plans for the virtual space and they have some great ideas.

CT Markets Pro User: We apologise if this has already been covered, but Bloktopia will be available on OculusQuest.

PC: Yes. It will eventually. Our roadmap will contain more information.

CT Markets Pro: How will community management work out? It will be more laissez-faire, where users and players do what they want without much oversight.

Bloktopia: PC is only as good and as useful as the things that happen inside it. While we don’t intend to be restrictive, security is a top priority. As such, we will monitor for illegal activity. This will not be permitted.

New Tenancy Announcement Welcome to the Bloktopia metaverse @solana A new HQ and a focus on technical integrations in the NFT space Exciting times ahead!$BLOK #blokarmy #Metaverse #Meta #WhoIsNext
— Bloktopia (@bloktopia), November 18, 2021

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2021's Most Anticipated Growth & Wealth-Building Opportunity

Join Thousands of Early Adopters Just Like You Who Want to Grow Capital and Truly Understand Cryptocurrency Together

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