7 Blockchain Games Incorporating Yield Farming and NFT Gaming

DeFi finally makes its way to blockchain gaming, which is great news for all gamers! You can now show off your gaming skills and collect NFTs. Then, you can stake these rewards in the gaming platform to generate yields.

NFT will disrupt the gaming industry, following music and art. To maximize rewards and keep players hooked, the blockchain-based gaming platforms now use NFT gamification with Yield Farming.

Here we will discuss some of the most prominent DeFi gaming platforms that combine NFT gamification and Yield Farming. Let’s get started!


Bunicorn, a DeFi gaming platform, combines blockchain gaming and DeFi to bring the gaming experience to a new level. Bunicorn uses NFT gaming to revolutionize yield farming. Although there has been a huge increase in NFT, most NFT use cases were limited to digital content such as music or artworks.

Bunicorn has created a new liquidity mining model that distributes the farming reward directly to users. Instead of the NFT tokens being distributed directly to them, the illiquid NFT tokens can be wrapped into NFT collectibles.

Bunicorn’s NFT collectibles have a distinct advantage over other platforms in that they contain actual time-locked tokens, similar to bonds or vesting periods. Users are not allowed to dump their tokens as soon as they have been acquired from the mining pool.

After a vesting period, NFT collectibles can be converted into actual BUNI tokens by users. They can trade/auction the NFT on other popular marketplaces to make them liquid. You can also sell your NFT collectibles at an affordable price if you are unable to wait until the vesting period.

Bunicorn AMM DEX

Bunicorn also offers a native AMM DEX, which provides investors with yield-earning opportunities via liquidity pools and liquidity farming.

What are Liquidity Pools

Investors can receive unique time-locked rewards in the form of tradable NFTs. Bunicorn’s native utility token is BUNI.

To earn BUNI tokens, users can get staking rewards. They will also be eligible to collect a portion from the Bunicorn AMM swap fees. BUNI token holders are eligible to vote for protocol upgrades and participate in governance activities.

Bunicorn takes the first step toward NFT Gamification

Bunicorn will launch Battle to Redeem Buniland’s Peace, a new play-to earn game. It will be available for download at the end August. Thisunicorn nft gaming NFT game is unique and opens up the world of Bunicorn.

Bunicorn is a Play to Earn NFT RPG that’s inspired by Pokemon on Binance Smart Chain. To earn BUNI tokens, players can enter the battle with their Bunicorns and trainers. Assets are NFTs owned by players and minted according to the ERC-721 standard. They can be traded on the market.

Initial rewards for water-element Bunicorn Eggs NT will be hidden from stakers at the new staking farm. Bunicorn will later add new staking farm locations, and stakers can expect Water-element Bunicorn eggs NFT as rewards.

MOBOX takes advantage of the rapidly growing gaming market to provide social gaming and income. It’s a unique platform for NFT yield farming that includes gaming in the DeFi area. The platform offers users a unique experience that combines gaming and DeFi.

MOBOX has a unique infrastructure that combines NFT, gaming and DeFi while still allowing users access to liquidity pools for farming an NFT. This allows users to generate unique NFT’s across multiple games and chains, as well as the most profitable yield strategies. It is actually based on Binance smart chains.

The platform saw the trading of approximately $5 million NFTs within a week. The MOBOX platform was created by an elite group of people with extensive experience in both the gaming industry and blockchain Dapps.

How MOBOX works

Binance smart chains allow users to deposit stable coins and choose from eight incentive LP pools. Smart contracts allow for automatic compounding of benefits. Users can also access other chains by using the pools. Unique NFTs in chests earn you more rewards. To unlock a chest or get their NFT, a user must have one key.

You can stack the NFT’s on the platform automatically when you receive them. Stacking them unlocks the platform’s governance tokens Mbox.

Each unique NFT comes with a mining power that allows its owner to receive more rewards. The more unique a NFT is, the greater the mining power and the greater the pay.

MOBOX’s main goal is to allow users to interoperate NFTs between games and chains. NFTs can be exchanged across three blockchains: Ethereum Tron and BSc. MOBOX currently plans to launch three NFT-based games by 2021. NFT gamification will allow users to earn and play with NFTs.


Zookeeper, a DApp for yield farming that uses the Wanchain, is also available. The developers aim to make yield farming profitable and fun.

For higher APY rewards, it has been possible to farm ZOO tokens and WASP tokens simultaneously. The platform’s most popular game-changer is NFTs. This is something that we cannot ignore.

To ensure that Zookeeper NFTs are tied to the liquidity pool, so that it can reap more rewards from its farmers, You can also lock the liquidity to ensure that you reach your target.

How the Zookeeper works

A zoo can have different liquidity pools and each animal mascot is called zookeeper. Although dual rewards can be offered by all pools, this is not permanent.

You must have a Wanswap Liquidity Provider token to increase your APY rewards. These tokens give you liquidity to one of the farming pairings. Once you have the tokens in your wallet, it is possible to go into the zoo to choose the pair that you wish to farm. After you have chosen the pair that you wish to farm, you will be able to choose a locking period. This is limited to 180 days.

nft game zookeeperYou have other options. An expedition can be taken to search for a golden chest. You will need zoo tokens to go on the expedition. You have three options for choosing from. You will need to stake your tokens in order to get to your destination. You will need to stake more tokens for a shorter adventure.

The cost of the gold chest will determine the price you pay. This can change from time to time. You will get your tokens back after you complete the expedition. The chest will also contain a mysterious NFT booster.

You can also buy the chest immediately using Zoo tokens if you don’t feel like going on an adventure. A silver or gold chest can be purchased. The NFT booster can only be found in the gold chest. A silver chest offers a 10% chance to get an NFT. Tokens that you used to purchase a chest are burned once they have been purchased.

Pulsar Farm

Pulsar Farm, a DeFi game that yields yield farming DeFi games, is based on the Binance Smart Chain or Polygon. It has been gaining popularity with over a thousand active wallets and smart contracts containing $7 million. Pulsar Farm, which combines yield farming and gamification with NFT support, has taken the market by storm.

The Pulse arena is where you can purchase alien pets as NFTs to use in a PvP game. Your pet will become more powerful if you win more games. Your winning streak determines the reward you receive. Therefore, the more wins you have the greater the rewards. You can earn additional BNT tokens by reaching the top of the leaderboard.

You will be using the pet NFT that you purchase to play in Pulsar Farm PvP. You cannot yield farm without NFT as it is not possible to access Bounty tokens. You can play PvE games if you have Bounty hunter NTs.

All NFT sales proceeds are burned to ensure stability in the game ecosystem. NFTs can only be used to generate revenue for Pulsar Farm and are therefore considered utility tokens.

To protect players’ investment, the platform offers an insurance model. To increase security, the Pulsar beta Game eliminates threats from bots and whales. Users can gain access to the pre-sale event by purchasing NFTs from the first yield farm. In return, they will receive Beta Pulsar tokens to use for the NFT, which will limit price dumping.

PvP vs. PVE

pvp nft gaming

There are two types of PvP (player against player) and one type of PvE (player against environment). The first stage is PvE. You will need to farm in order to earn a BPUL token. You will have access to a pet which can be used in the game by obtaining the token. You will receive BNT tokens once you have won a PvE. These tokens can be used to join the Pulsearena which is mostly PvP.

A player must pay a BNT fee to enter PvP. This money will later be used for rewards. The entrance fee is 50% and the opponent’s BNT fees are 50%. Rest of the money goes to the rewards pools for the top scorers. There is a 0.5 chance that your pet will survive if you lose the game.


BASED protocol, a game of chicken DeFi, is designed to eliminate the weak and to give high yields to those who adhere to the rules. The game is fun and yields good returns for those who grow it. They can multiply their returns by using the rewards they receive from the game.

This combination creates the platform of Ampleforth’s economic policy and Yearn Finance’s distribution system. It is a post-modern game of economics that resets continuously. All participants have equal access to the game and a fair balance.

$BASED tokens

token nft gamingA BASED token is used to run the platform. The rules govern its operations. The BASED protocol has been made to adjust the BASED token supply every 24 hours so that 1 BASED is 1 sUSD. This ensures that there is an increase in demand for the tokens. If there is more than 5% difference between sUSD or BASED, a rebase will be performed.

Only users who reach a specific target BASED token can participate in yield farming. You can benefit from future price movements if you have 100 BASED tokens in your possession, which is worth 150 USD at the end of a Rebase event.

Your future yields will improve the longer you keep stacking your tokens. You must consider the supply and price of yield farming to maximize your potential and strategize accordingly.

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NFT Yield Farming has arrived, are you ready? Happy yield farming!

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