26 companies and advocacy groups call on Valve to reverse its blockchain games ban

Fight for the Future, the Blockchain Game Alliance and Enjin, all digital rights advocates, have called out Valve, a videogame corporation, for refusing to allow content that is related to cryptocurrency or non-fungible tokens (NFTs), on its Steam marketplace.

Fight for the Future published an open letter on Monday asking that Valve reconsider its decision to “prohibit a whole category of software from the Steam Platform” and allow them to explore crypto and blockchain technology. On Oct. 14, Steam updated its partner onboarding process to state that no blockchain-based applications that allow the “issuance or exchange of cryptocurrency or NFTs” would be allowed.

Sebastien Borget (president of Blockchain Game Alliance) stated that “Blockchain gaming is pioneering a variety of new concepts which will invigorate both the gaming industry for publishers and players alike.” To cut off this emerging sector at this crucial stage of development would be to ignore the incredible progress we made this year and create unfair access to market to incumbents.

Fight for the Future claims that decentralized autonomous organisations (DAOs), and NFTs, can make blockchain games more decentralized, democratic, inter-active, and player-focused.

“Please reconsider your position on this issue. Allow tokens and, more generally, the use blockchain tech on Steam. Steam shouldn’t ban blockchain-based gaming.

Cointelegraph reported this month that Valve’s decision to ban content about NFTs and Blockchain games could prove to be financially detrimental as the technology continues to grow in popularity. For Q3 2021, there were 754,000 unique active wallets that connected to gaming decentralized apps. Many games give players the chance to trade NFTs in-game and earn token rewards. This is a potential path to crypto adoption.

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Witek Radomski (chief technology officer at Enjin), stated that blockchain is not a way to put the genie back into the bottle or centralize it. Interoperability is essential for blockchain gaming to thrive.

He said:

“Blockchain gaming will become a much larger ecosystem than it is today by the end this decade.” It is in everyone’s interest to collaborate to develop well-thought-out and interoperable standards to ensure that the multiverse doesn’t become too fragmented.

Valve previously targeted blockchain and crypto on its Steam marketplace. The company pulled a game from its Steam marketplace that allegedly stole users’ computers in order to mine cryptocurrency. Valve initially announced that it would accept Bitcoin payments (BTC) in 2016. However, the company stopped accepting this payment due to high fees and volatility.

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