American Equity Investment Life Holding (NYSE: AEL) -0.3% switched down recently

On Yesterday, shares of American Equity Investment Life Holding (NYSE: AEL) plunged -0.3% in trading session and lastly closed at $29.7. The company latest volume stood at 484.54 K shares as compared to average volume of 494.22 K shares. Over the one year trading period, the stock has a high cost of $33.57 and its low price is taped at $20.16.

Non-GAAP operating earnings for third quarter 2019 was $233.4 M, or $2.54 per diluted regular share, contrast to non-GAAP operating income1 of $171.1 M, or $1.87 per diluted common share, for 3rd quarter 2018. On a tracking twelve-month basis, non-GAAP operating return1 usually equity not including average AOCI1 was 20.9% and 16.3% not including the impact of presumption revisions.

American Equity Investment Life Holding (NYSE: AEL), recently mentioned 3rd quarter 2019 earnings of $37.4 M, or $0.41 per watered down common share, contrast to net earnings of $169.3 M, or $1.85 per watered down normal share, for 3rd quarter 2018.

3rd quarter 2019 net earnings was negatively affected by $36M ($0.40 per diluted ordinary share) for modifications to presumptions made use of in the determination of deferred policy acquisition costs, postponed sales inducements, the liability for future advantages to be spent for lifetime income advantage riders and the appraisal of ingrained derivatives while non-GAAP operating earnings benefited by $124M ($1.35 per diluted ordinary share) from presumption revisions. Earnings and non-GAAP operating earnings for the third quarter of 2018 were positively impacted by $76M ($0.84 per diluted normal share) and $81M ($0.88 per watered down common share), respectively, for presumption modifications.

Policyholder funds under management at September 30, 2019 were $53.0 B, a $536M, or 1.0% increase from June 30, 2019. 3rd quarter gross and net sales were $1.3 B and $1.2 B, respectively, representing increases of 25% and 31% from 3rd quarter 2018 sales. On a consecutive basis, gross and net sales minimized 13% and 15%, respectively.

In the liquidity ratio analysis; American Equity Investment Life Holding Companys (AEL) debt to equity ratio was 0.18. The business has the institutional ownership of 94.90% while the Beta aspect was 1.99. The stocks RSI amounts to 49.94.

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